Saturday, April 7, 2012

Better Kombucha For Adrenal Support

Kombucha has been an humble servant in the McGuffey home for years. It has been a probiotic friend, a convenient way to make acid for home use instead of vinegar, a flavorful drink and ingredient in cough medicine, switzel, and punch. I have always made Kombucha from black tea or green tea and sugar. This past winter our geographic area has been hard hit with a recurring/mutating virus. My family has really been hit hard with much suffering and lowered productivity. This encouraged me to prayerfully consider another way to make Kombucha. I had always been advised that many herbs will kill the Kombucha culture and had therefore, not been very adventurous in using other types of teas in addition to the black and green standbys.

This winter I have made gallons of  "Brighter Day" cough and cold medicine for my friends and relatives. One of the main ingredients in it is Kombucha. Recently I decided to try to make Kombucha with Mullein tea (a great adrenal support) and local honey. I used the normal recipe to feed a Kombucha SCOBY making the mullein tea very dark and strong and using one cup of local honey per gallon of Mullein tea. This has made a spectacular Kombucha. In the future I will only use mullein Kombucha in my cough syrup as I believe it will have much better health giving properties. It also tastes wonderful!

If your family is struggling to stay well, try making Kombucha with mullein and honey. Let me know what you think.



Unknown said...

Thanks for your post. I haven't tried making kombucha yet but would like to. Would love some tips , recipes, etc.

Lawana said...

Melissa, thank you for taking time to comment. Most of what I know about Kombucha is on Counter Culture. Feel free to look around. Also, if you have specific questions feel free to ask them here.
God bless you!

AnnaS said...

hi Lawana, we bought an Air purifier , it kills bacteria and all kinds of junk in our air and GUESS what?? it killed my SCOBY, actually 2 of them.
So I haven't had my own Kombucha for a year now...have to splurge and buy the bottled stuff. Glad to hear yours is going well. Maybe I will find a way to make it again...hide it in the closet maybe. Anna Stedman

Anonymous said...

Anna, wow! How does that happen? Maybe putting it in a closet will help. Let me know what you figure out. If I had an air purifier, we'd probably clog it in a few hours time.
: )
Thanks for checking in!
Lawana @ counterculture