Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Making Pretty Food!

Here is a picture of things that are all made with the cultures that grow on my counter (except for the milk and strawberries)! As usual, the jars with the hats on are Kefir and Kombucha. The bread is a Kefir raised, sourdough white bread that my friend Debbie made. I think it is the prettiest loaf I have ever seen. It tastes heavenly too.

The cheese in the foreground is a Mozzarella that Debbie and I made out of our combined milk. I put a little more lipase in it than I have in the past, so it has a Mozzarella-ish consistency but a stout Feta-like flavor. Pretty good, but I am getting hungry for a perfect Mozzarella. Last year I hit perfection once and I hope to do it again. My cheese making friend and I are going to go for a slower, no citric acid process next time to get a more traditional feel to the cheese.

Cheese from Kefir is so economical and easy. You don't have to buy starter! Sometimes I get surprizes due to temperature fluctuations or because I leave the starter in too long or something of that nature. The thing is that it is all edible and wholesome. Even my mistakes taste good cubed in a salad or lasagna.

Please share any culturing experiences you have had, especially any pleasant tasting mistakes.

Culture on!


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Catherine Haug said...

HI Lawana, this is Cat from Essential Stuff Project in Bigfork. I'd love to have that kefir-raised sourdough bread recipe, it it can be shared. This is for my personal use, not for the ESP website.
Currently I'm trying to eliminate wheat from my diet. And when using other grains, such as spelt, I soak/ferment for at least 24 hours before combining in a recipe. I'd love to try the kefir method for bread and other baked goodies!
I just made a muffin-like coffee cake with blueberries, using spelt, barley and oat flours, soaked in yogurt. Delicious. Let me know if you'd like the recipe.