Who is This Blogger?

I am a 50 something  wife and mother. I have lived rurally most of my life. For most of the 23 years I have been married to my husband Clint, I have been a work at home mom. I have homeschooled our 6 children and I am currently schooling 4, ages 7 to 17. My life's work is to live for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In this journey, adoption, childbirth and rearing children have been my primary occupations. Together with my husband, Clint, we have lived in Alabama, Alaska and Montana. Usually we have lived remotely, including living on a float house in Nichin Cove off of Tuxecan Island, in Southeast Alaska. Nichin Cove and Naukati Bay
We have also lived in an urban setting for months at a time during our son Ezra's kidney failure, dialysis and subsequent kidney transplant see  Our Seattle miracle.

Our present home is an old farmhouse on a little acreage in Western Montana. We strive to use our property to teach people (our children first) the old ways of doing things. I have had the privilege to encourage others to learn dairying, cheese making, how to grow and butcher meat animals and how to have hens for egg production. I consider myself a success because many of my "students" have far surpassed me in their skills and abilities! In addition to homesteading skills, we enjoy sharing ideas from the "old paths" of God's Holy Bible about how to interact with people. It is a great joy to see people's eyes light up when they see that God addresses their need in his word. We are currently honored to be part of the lives of several younger families who are seeking God's time proven ways of rearing their children and directing their own lives. Nothing is more fun than this! Here is our home base.

In the last couple of years, inspired by my friend, mommy2, I began blogging. I co-wrote this blog with her. My voice is Mommy 1. Here is one of my first blog posts. I am so thankful to Mommy 2 for encouraging me to blog. For years, my friends have been asking me to write, yet I couldn't seem to figure it out. For now, blogging serves 2 purposes in itself. It gets me writing on a daily or weekly basis and it is helping me find my voice. I have always known that I wouldn't write a novel. I write to share knowledge, to teach, to encourage to exhort. For now, blogging seems to be that outlet for me.