Monday, June 27, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Here are some things you may not know, or care to know, but I need to share. Our oldest son is a helicopter pilot. He is a decorated hero. He has a wonderful wife and his children are beautiful. We pray for him every day. They have a Chiweenie just as we do. They NEED our prayers if their chiweenie is anything like ours!

Our second son is also a decorated hero. He is now working in the defense industry as a civilian. His wife is a gift and his boys are way too sweet. There is another baby on the way. We are very proud of them all and pray for them every day, even though they do not have a chiweenie. They do, however, have Spud, the talking, "Woody" impersonating cat. Amazing!

Our third son is on a boat in Bristol bay trying to catch all the sockeye salmon in the ocean. He left his precious wife here to hold down the fort. We pray for them though they neither have a chiweenie, nor a Woody impersonating cat. They do have a very sweet marriage and lots of cute names for the adorable children they will have some day. Oh and this daughter-in-law tries to alienate the affections of my new kitten, Strongbad, whom she calls Kevin!

Our 4th son is bearing down on his 18th birthday and hoping to transition to supported independent living. He now owns a rice maker, two Tupperware containers with lids,and  an electric teapot. I am pretty sure visions of sugarplums are dancing in his head. We pray for him daily, though he owns no Chiweenie, no Woody impersonating cat nor does he rename and try to steal my kitten Strongbad!

Our 16 year old son is driving, a lot, everywhere, every day. He would drive to the bathroom if we would let him. I think he drives in his sleep! He has suddenly become blind to the dents and faded paint of the decades old Chevy Cavalier we let him use. It has an engine...and starts...and is therefore a thing of beauty. We pray for him every day for obvious reasons!

Our 15 year old daughter is away at camp...for the first the far away land of Idaho. She could have driven there. She could probably run the camp. She might be having fun right now without us! We pray for her daily, though she has neither a Chiweenie, nor a talking cat, nor visions of sugarplums, nor the alienated affections of Strongbad/Kevin. She does;  however, own a pig named Ariadne. Hey! Are there boys at that camp?

Our 9 year old son has prayed diligently to get to go to VBS. God has said, "Yes." and has provided a way for him to stay in Missoula with friends. (Thanks R and S!) He will be staying away from us for four days and 3 nights. I am not sure that is allowed. He will probably not even notice we are home alone without him. We pray for him because Vacation Bible School with Brother Larry Hoyle is amazing, challenging and possibly dangerous!

Our 6 year old daughter is amazing. With paralyzed legs, she is taking her world by storm. She is able and impressive. She is visiting with friends this week. She hopes to play in the water with her little friend Eve. We pray for her because she can get into more trouble than  2 Chiweenies, 2 cats, talking and non talking, a driving 16 year old, a helicopter pilot, a commercial fisherman  and a whole summer camp full of kids combined.

My beloved has migraines that mimic strokes, strokes that mimic migraines and sometimes both at the same time. That happened today during church. After 5 hours at the E.R. we determined it was the former. I am so thankful there was no stroke. God is so merciful. The dad to all the amazing young people I mentioned before needs to be in good shape to keep up with them.

In the stress of the hospital visit, I left my purse in the grocery store. Thank you God and whoever the honest person was who took the purse, untouched to the manager.

I thank God for my family. For health, safety and happiness. I hope you are enjoying these blessings too.

P.S. We had frost here in my yard this morning! June 27th and frost!


Nannie said...

I do pray for your wonderful husband and let me know if I can do anything to help.

Lawana said...

Thank you Nannie! I am so grateful for your friendship. I can almost feel you being there for us from across the river. I sometimes wonder what it would look like if prayers were like search lights in the sky. I know just the ones for going up on our behalf would be spectacular!
Love ya!

Pricilla said...

Lawana please know we are thinking of you both and you all.

Lawana said...

Thanks So much! I missed you Saturday.

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

I love, love, loved your little story about the family...
say...aren't you writing a book in your spare time? I think I "heard" it somewhere...
Sorry your man is under the weather... continuing praying for him...and you.
I am happy you got your purse back. 8-)
Love ya,
Mommy 2

Lawana said...

Mommy 2, you are such a great friend. Thank you for all you do!
Love you 2!

Anonymous said...

How is Clint today, Lawana?