Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Springtime in the Rockies.

Spring is coming to the Rockies! I now have lactating goats and as soon as my schedule permits, I will begin cheesemaking. Already, my kefir is slurping up the rich, unpasteurized goat milk. Warmer kitchen temperatures will equal faster culture times for my kombucha and kefir. Sourdough will need to be fed more often and USED more often too! The greater production of my kefir makes it a natural to have more smoothies.

If you have any favorite smoothie recipes or sourdough recipes, feel free to share them as a comment. I think I will go make a green smoothie with wheat grass juice powder.


Anonymous said...

Where are the "new" Baby goat pictures?

AnnaS said...

tell me long you think it will take for the kefir to be ready? Anna