Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some Pictures I Like


Anonymous said...

OOOH! I like them too ;)

Lorraine B said...

Hey! That is my tractor!!!

Lawana said...

Thanks, KB!

Lawana said...

Lorraine, you have supervised visitation ONLY with that tractor.
It IS for sale though!

Anonymous said...

I like your pics too:)

I stumbled onto your blog while researching the name, Lawana. All my life I have hated my name. That was just until a few days ago when I, again, stumbled onto a site giving the etymology of names. To discover that "Lawana" means "laughing water" in the Algonquian-Wakashian language...well, it is a joy. And then to find your page, it is a double-blessing. :)I'm glad you wrote so I could read. Thank you. :)

My name is Lawana and my email is I live in Huntersville, NC and I am also a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. :)

Lawana said...

Hi Lawana! It is great to get your message. I too, just found out my name is Algoquin. I have always liked our name, because my dad chose it for me when he was 17...He was 41 when I finally came along : )

Thank you for visiting my blog. I have been crazy busy lately and haven't written as I should have. I have another blog, and a website at Fell free to visit there as well!

I was born at Fayetteville NC in october of 1960. I lived in Alabama most of my life and then the last 20 years have been between Alaska and Montana.

I have known a few Lawanas through the years. None were believers and most spelled their names differently.

Thanks for contacting me.