Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Porch Inventory

I am pretty sure I am a redneck. I have heard those jokes and most of them apply to me, especially the ones about porches and yards. For the record though, my parents are not cousins.  Some day I might reach a point where my porches are artfully arranged with hanging baskets of petunias and little evergreens in urns at the corners. It could have some pretty seating and maybe be screened in to protect us from bugs. For now it takes the place of a lot of things we haven't built yet. It is a combination tack and feed room/ mud room/ gym/ milk room (Though I am not milking now) plant hardening area and refrigeration overflow.

Here is a list of the things, North to South that are currently on my porch.

  1. A shovel, ladder, yard sprinkler, and a step stool,
  2. a wheelbarrow load of drying mullein.
  3. about 200 feet fr polypropelene roap
  4. A goat milking stanchion multiple halters and lead roaps.
  5. A hooded parka hanging on a nail.
  6. 2 pairs of hedge clippers.
  7. An empty feed tote.
  8. 3 bags of swine finisher leaned up against the empty tote.
  9. At least 3 empty coffee cans aka feed scoops
  10. 2 worn coir mats
  11. A four shelf iron rack with at least 6 of each of the following, snow boots, rain boots, tennis shoes, water shoes, flip flops, dog brushes or combs,
  12. On this same shelf are various, unused at the moment, animal care items, such as a heated water bowl and a mineral feeder.
  13. Another feed tote for dog food.
  14. The outside refrigerator
  15. A very long canoe sitting at a 45 degree angle across the rail.
  16. A saddle and blanket as well as halter, lead rope and bridle.
  17. A wheelchair with light up wheels
  18. A complete cable type gym set.
  19. A grill
  20. The mowing deck off the riding mower
  21. A potted geranium randomely placed on the floor.
I am either really a red neck or need to do some serious rearranging and culling! It could happen but for the near future, I will probably just have to be a redneck.


2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Hey...my porch...in front & back of my house, the sides ALL have things that I wonder why they are there???
The item that I laughed about that you have is the hooded parka(cause in MT...you never know when you might need it)LOL
As of today...my wood stove has potted plants on it...hopefully "someone" will remember to remove them before we fire up the stove this fall.
I think if you are "really" redneck...you are suppose have alot of duct tape...did you find any of that? ;~)
Love ya,
Mommy 2

Nannie said...

what no welcome mat? I thought you had one of those there, maybe Dodge ate it.