Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Changing Times


Thanks Mommy2 for letting me double duty this post from our blog. Thanks again, for getting me started!

Many moms who have a 6 year old do not have an 8 year old grandchild. My husband and I have children that span 3 decades, which Mommy 2 understands. When you have children  of many ages, sometimes it seems that you will be rearing children forever. When you homeschool, it can seem that you will never be done with teaching children phonics and basic math. BUT..these days, I am getting a whiff of a new wind. After decades of being able to spell words in front of the younger children to keep them from knowing what we were saying, we are now having to be careful. My youngest 2 children, ages 9 and 6 can now conquer all but the speediest verbal mazes.

I am now teaching my last child to read. As is my usual, I am of two minds about this. A part of me is rejoicing...for my children's accomplishments and for my own as their teacher. The other part of me is seeing my children grow up so fast. Not too fast. Just SO fast. I have always wanted to work myself out of a job, to bring up my children in such a way that they no longer need any major "mommying" and to reach the point where I can watch and enjoy their adult lives from a mildly involved distance. I am getting my wish.

Our three oldest sons are being good husbands and the two oldest are deep in the ranks of fatherhood. They no longer need us except for prayer support and the occasional bit of advice. They could all teach us as much at this point as we could teach them. My teens are working outside the home, leading extracurricular clubs and participating in ministries. They could all run the house and even educate the younger ones if needed.

Clint and I find ourselves wanting earlier bed times, planning for retirement and being grateful that one of our teens is driving. There are many nights that our family shrinks small enough to fit in a Volkswagen Beetle due to 4-H, Civil Air Patrol and the closing shift at work

I want to adjust gracefully. I don't want to make my children feel badly for growing up and leaving me. I want them to know how excited I am that they can do all that they are able to do. I also want SOMEONE to come home and eat this giant pot of chicken soup I made today! I remember the growing pains as our family got larger. There were times when the amount of food I was accustomed to preparing was no longer enough. Numerous times I had to fill up some growing tummies with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dessert until I learned how much my  family needed at that particular stage in their lives. Well, now I am experiencing previews of how the process will look in reverse. I will soon have to downsize and make smaller meals. For now, though, I am grateful that the teen crew is due to roll in in about an hour to eat my soup.

Enjoy your family in all their stages.


P.S. Since this was written, my daughter in law, Becky took over teaching our youngest child to read. She is a wonderful teacher and I can no longer spell ANYTHING at my house. Thanks Becky! I couldn't do it without you. You will be a great mom some day.


Anonymous said...

"I want to adjust gracefully." Yes, that is the prayer of my heart every day of my life now that all our 6 are grown and married! I think a website and/or blog is in order for those of us at this stage of life! It can be bewildering!

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Hey Lawana...
I wanted to correct you...
I did not get you started on writing...
I just encouraged (pushed you, tricked you, begged you) to do a "little" bit...I knew you had it in you. 8-)
Love you,
Mommy 2

Rebekah said...

Thank You Lawana, I try ;)
I can't wait to be a mommy-