Friday, August 12, 2011

I Am Enjoying My Mom

Once again I get to have my mom here with me for the summer. My brother Ed tried to be greedy and keep her longer than his share, but I finally got her here. I know that some of you have met my mom and some, from our Alaska days got to know her pretty well. You can totally understand what a blessing it is for all of us to have her here. I almost feel guilty when she is here. In order for me and my children to have her, the rest of her children and grandchildren have to do without her. My mom is a family treasure. She is a repository of funny stories, interesting history, brilliant ideas and selfless love. My mom is my friend and I am so glad.. I love seeing my mom interact with my children. I especially love having 3 generations of us girls in the same house. It is so exciting to see my daughters absorbing the sweetness, humor and joy that my mom possesses. Even the most mundane tasks become opportunities to pass the baton, to share from one generation to the next deep spiritual truths, funny stories (usually about me) and just the plain joy of living.

I also love to see my husband interact with my mom. I have never known a son-in-law and Mom-in-law who are so crazy about each other. My husband says that his mother-in-law is the smartest person he has ever met. Mom admires and respects Clint. I think if Clint and I ever split the blanket, mom might take his side. That thrills me. I know mom will never do anything to hurt, or undermine Clint in any way. I also know that mom is TRULY wanted, welcomed and valued in our home. Clint never wants her to go home. That is a really good feeling.

Another blessing about being the keeper of the mom is that I get to talk to more of my nieces and nephews. They all have to call and get their Grannie fix and in so doing, I get a little visit with them. I have a special life! If I never have another good thing to happen. I have been amply blessed with enjoyable family. (Don't tell my brothers I admitted that!) Thank you, mom for investing in my kids as you invested in me. Thanks for the example  of Christian womanhood that you live in front of my daughters.Thanks for being able to deal with all our craziness. Now let me go disable your car in case you decide to go home some day..

Love you mom!



2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

I am very glad to have met your Mom.
I admire her very much and love hearing her stories...especially about you. ;~)
Take care and love ya bunches,
Mommy 2
P.S. I will help you disable Granny's car.;~) I hope she is in no hurry to go home.

Lawana said...

Thanks! Show up tonight with a socket set and a flathead screwdriver!

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

LOL 8~)

Rebekah said...

And I will help you disable her car ;)
She is the cutest thing- I love her!