Monday, August 29, 2011

A Time of Refreshing

It has been hot in Western Montana. After a wet and cool spring and early summer, we have dried out and heated up. As the mercury has climbed, my ambition and energy level has plummeted. The pastures and wild grasslands in my area have gone to seed and dried, seemingly over night. Of course in the West, the high temperatures and low humidity levels bring fire danger with them.

There are fires burning within a 60 mile radius, but we have not been in danger so far. This extreme weather also affects the domestic animals and the wildlife. We have had coyotes in the pastures and near the house that have kept our dogs busy. Our guardian dog, Dodge has been acting nervous which is very unusual for him. I suspect that it means we have a mountain lion on the prowl. This time last year, we had a horse attacked in the round pen right in the yard.

Last night, my children closed their second story windows because they were uneasy about mountain lions coming in. I am unsure if they were at risk, but when it comes to lions, we lean to the side of caution. Mountain lion attacks are devastating and irreversible. We went to bed uneasy, hot and confined.

This morning early, the Lord sent some light showers. Even though it was not enough to mitigate the fire danger, revive the grasses or lure the predators back up into the hills, it has refreshed our spirits. Our house is open and a pleasant breeze is circulating. The animals are more relaxed and the chickens are reveling in the bugs and worms made available by the softening effect of the showers. We are having fresh lettuce and strawberries from the garden, cooking squash and relaxing parts of our minds that we didn't realize were stressed.

I am thankful that I have the privilege of raising my children in an atmosphere that is tied to the cycles of nature. Even though it involves some fear of predators and the inevitable losses we encounter when raising animals and gardens, there is heightened sense of how much we depend on the Lord and how helpless we are without him. Though as a mother, I would like to fix all their fears and give them a life with only positives, I know God knows best how to weave the fabric of a person. I am thankful for the times of refreshing he gives in the care filled lives that we lead.

I pray that the Lord sends rain to put out your fires.

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2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Hey Lawana,
I am glad that the Lord Jesus Christ does send rain...
upon our land....but mostly uypon our souls.
Love ya bunches,
Mommy 2
P.S. We got a "good" rain this morning to help put out the fires near us...Praise God!.Also... one of my children "smells" like more rain is coming. 8~)