Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome baby J. A. H.

Babies are an amazement to me and a blessing. We have new babies in our church. We have adorable little E. with her smooth mocha skin and her perfect bow mouth, we have L and W who are chubby, adorable and interactive. There is a whole covey of bright eyed toddlers, from the ones who still tip around off balance and bounce off things like little pin balls to the older toddlers who know their ages and how to carry on conversations. We have babies on the way and we have our newest one J.A.H. the first born of someone that I met when she was in her mid teens. She kind of seems like one of my children. It doesn't seem to me that she should be old enough to be married and having babies. It is hard to picture her being a wife, though I know she is doing a good job. I haven't seen her with little J.A.H. so motherhood too is hard for me to picture. But that little baby isn't! Oh my, what a face! I just love those little puffy, squnchy newborn faces. Perhaps it is not good manners and maybe not hygenic, but those tiny little cheeks bring out the desire to kiss them. (Don't worry R. I will restrain myself...for a little while.)

I thank the Lord for bringing our newest little one safely to us. I thank Him for all the other little ones that are here with us and the ones that were born directly into His arms. I thank God for young couples who are not afraid to bring children into this world and who make the commitment to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.. What a blessing!

Congratulations, S. and R. Kiss that little boy for me!

I hope you enjoy your children today, regardless of  their ages. Some of us have only memories where children once were...I pray that those can be more sweet than bitter.

God bless you!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lawana. You are a wonderful mom, a beautiful Christian, and a true friend. To me, the nurseries are glowing. I love to be down there. You have caught the aura! I love you, dear dear Lawana.