Friday, August 26, 2011

What Makes You Happy?

This is just a short little blurb to get you thinking. What is it that makes you happy? I am not necessarily talking about the deep undercurrents of joy we experience from walking closely to God or from being in harmony with our loved ones. I am  more thinking about what activities and things bring you moments of happiness in your life.

Some examples might be, listening to music, burning a good candle, bubble baths, having coffee with a friend.,

I am going to have to get busy right now, but leave me some comments about some things that make you happy. Maybe together we can compile a list of happiness builders.

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2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Friends that are happy 8~)

People that like to say things that make us happy.

Thinking positive...cause alot of things around us are negative.

I am happy that I can give my problems to Jesus and not have to "worry" about them.

Giving rather than wanting or receiving.

Cheerful hearts.

Today...I want to sing...all day...long..."We are happy people...Praise the Lord !!!"

Love ya bunches,
Mommy 2

Nannie said...

Friends that rember to include me,
coffe anyway it comes cold - fancy,
the laughter of a child,
the spark in an old mans eye,
gossip/giggles of an old grannie,
the excitment of creating,
a childs hand in mine,
cutting down a tree,
birthing a baby goat,
children splash as they swim
obviously the simple things, the simplier the better.

Lawana said...

Did I mention breezes, coloring, getting my hair braided or my feet rubbed?

Anonymous said...

Seeing someone at odds asking each other for forgivness and seeing the healing begin instantly. Watching a young parent teaching their young child to do something fun instead of parking them infront of a tv or video. Hitting the jackpot when walmart has diet A&W rootbeer AND Doritos on sale at the same time. Visiting with the elderly. The first snow, the first tulip, the first rose.

Chasity Simmons said...

Happy, smiley, joyful people.
Reading . . . all day long when I can, mainly in the sumertime (I've finished lots of books in one day this way).
Going to church and hearing my spunky pastor preach.
Visting with family and friends.
Laughing my head off with my crazy friends.
Accomplishing something I once thought was hard.
Taking pictures.
Spending time with my parents.
Hanging out with my brothers.
Talking to my younger sister.
Listening to my older sisters.
Just about everything. Life's better when you're happy to be alive. :)

Rebekah said...

Morning kisses
'Soft' days
Spending time with my Husband
Time to read
quick wit
Spending time ALONE with God