Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Blessed Sunday

I just want to thank God for the Gomez family who ministered in our Church Sunday morning. We are so blessed as a congregation to have missionary friends all over the world. The Gomez family was a beautiful example of that and a great reminder that not all of the missionaries that we support, live safely.

I am so blessed and convicted too, when I see a family who puts everything on the line to share God's love with people who do not know or do not understand. I am grateful for men who have the vision to do what they are called to do and let nothing turn them aside from that. I am blessed to know a number of families who are led by men like that. Lord bless those courageous families who are going and staying in harm's way to do what you are calling them to do.

Thank you Lord for my Husband's brave leadership of my family and help us to do what and only what you have called us to do.
"No, It's not safe. But the gospel has NEVER been safe!" Manuel Gomez 9-11-2011

God bless you!

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