Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are You Paying it Forward?

The thought of paying forward is a recurring theme in my writing. I have benefited from the benevolence of others my entire life.My parents were known for paying it forward before the phrase was even penned. I went into a local restaurant this weekend and visited with the owner/waitress. She was so excited that a stranger off the freeway had just helped her out.

The lady came into the restaurant just as a large private party was leaving and the lunch hour was beginning. As this stranger waited for her food, she noticed that my friend was having a hard time catching up the dirty tables. Somewhere, she found a cloth and went to work.

My friend was so touched by this rancom act of kindness. I am sure it made her entire day go better. I know she passed a kindness on to me while I was there.

I would like to challenge you today. Make it a goal to commit 3 random acts of kindness. If possible, do these anonymously. Pray and think about what you can do. Ask God to guide you and to show you the people who are in need. Be willing to leave your comfort zone and sacrifice. We are a blessed nation, but there are hurting people interwoven into our lives. Touch someone today. Do something for someone that will make them cry tears of joy or shake their heads in amazement.

Some of you will do your R.A.K.s at work, some outside the grocery store. Perhaps this challenge will take you into the local hospital or nursing home. Maybe you will pay someone's power bill, or paint someone's fingernails. Can you do yardwork for an elderly neighbor, or give away nice detergent to the people at the laundromat? Perhaps it will be closer to home. Maybe a date with a child who has seemed distant, or helping your spouse with the job they have been dreading. The options are endless.

After you have done these things, please share here. Either share anonymously or in some way that won't mess up your gift. Remember, the recipient of your gift could read thisblog. It is a small world. We all could use the encouragement and possibly use your ideas for our own giving in the future.

I am making my list right now. Will you accept the challenge?


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Anonymous said...

A very worthwhile challenge. Thank you!