Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

I am not sure if you all know this, but I have an excellent husband. He is faithful, loving, kind, an excellent provider, romantic and friendly. He has encouraged me in all my crazy endeavors over the years. He has loved me in skinny jeans, in mu mus and everything in between. He has loved my family, endured my dogs (and loved a few of them) hauled my horses, fenced the pastures, held me when I have been broken hearted, celebrated my accomplishments, welcomed my friends and even had a few cups of coffee with them even though he isn't "old enough" to drink it.

Perhaps the biggest thing that makes Clint my hero is that he has welcomed children into our home. By birth, adoption and association. From the first positive pregnancy test (which I kindly announced in his sleeping ear at 4:00 AM!) through miscarriages, births, and adoptions, Clint has been an amazing father. He has gotten up at night, changed diapers, walked the floor patting our colicky daughter for hours on end. He has worn babies in back packs, pushed double strollers, carried children on his shoulders, around his middle, had them walk on top of his feet and had them trample his heart.

Clint has been Dad and Poppy to many kids who are still part of our family and some who have made other choices. He has been abundantly patient as only the dad of a large family can experience patience. It is possible, in one day to have disasters involving little mechanics, little tool borrowers and helpers to the extent that every mechanical device on the ranch is disabled and the tools to try to redeem them cannot be found! When this happens and nobody is duct taped to a tree, that is one patient man!

I am thankful that my husband has chosen the high road. He has never had a cool truck (though I hope someday to get him one) almost never had a store bought gift on any occasion, will possibly never be able to afford a hobby, or to retire or to travel. He will still be raising children in his "golden years". What he has done, however is to love those who may not be able to love back, or those who love in a very limited way. He has loved children whose birth families have trusted blindly that he would be good to them. He has taken that amazing gift and responsibility seriously. He has extended love in the face of rejection and railing. After being rejected, he has chosen to love again. Every child who has entered our family, by whatever means,has been given the same thing, Clint's unconditional love, his name, an inheritance and a chance to grow in the shadow of an amazing man for a while.

When I met Clint, he had a failed marriage in his past, as did I. As we were getting to know each other, I noticed how humbly he approached the things pertaining to his sons and his former wife. I was honored to know such a man. Though I know he now has regrets that he wasn't more assertive in getting time with his boys in the early days, he did a few things very well. First, he loved them and he supported them. He prayed for them. He bragged on them and was amazed at their accomplishments (he still is, by the way). Perhaps most importantly, he honored their mom and their stepdad. Though his first marriage (like mine and everyone else's) failed from lack of honor, lack of wisdom and lack of care, Clint was able to recover, love from afar and give his boys the gift of respecting their mother and allowing them to love another dad without feeling torn. What an amazing man!

I want to publicly thank God for giving my children the most wonderful father possible. Clint, thank you for doing the hard jobs. Thank you for loving our children so selflessly.
I love you with all my heart!


Rebekah said...

Awww, I loved this! I love Clint too! And yes, he does like to brag on his two older sons. Isaiah hasn't had any kids yet bragging on him yet. :) I think this is my favorite post yet- maybe because I like romantic lovey dovey stuff when it comes to husbands and wives.

Lawana said...

Thanks, Becky. He does brag on you and Isaiah too, just behind your back. :)

Rebekah said...

You are blessed!
Mommy 2