Saturday, June 4, 2011

Here Comes the Sun!

After a very late night last night waiting up on young people to come in, the sun was already over the mountains when I woke up! I was surprised to see the time on the clock, but thrilled to see the sun shining. Last night we had wrapped up in our winter coats and planted some more lettuce and beets. All the while, we were laughing about needing coats on June 3rd. Gardening in zone 5 is always an adventure. If you don't know your garden zone, check here

This year we overplanted so that we will garden very intensively. I have only planted things thus far that I can use the thinnings as micro greens and salad herbs. I plan to top dress with good compost and fish emulsion. I  am praying for a greenhouse next year and perhaps another raised bed or two. For now, though, I am trying to use what I have to capacity.

I know this has been a challenging year,  in the U.S. and worldwide, for gardeners. Where we only have the tiniest cold tolerant plants thus far because of the wet cold, some folks are dealing with extreme heat and drought.. It is all about adjusting to your zone and even subzone and trying to work around the surprises each year brings. Garden ON! Whatever you can grow, grow it. Whether it is mung bean sprouts in a jar, kefir, or wheat grass. Whether we live in the countryside or in the city, all of us can grow something that can contribute clean, safe, nutrition to our diets for little expense. Plant cilantro or basil in a flower pot in the hourse. If you have a patch that isn't planted, see what you can do with it, I have friends in the south who have built a shade out of an old wrought iron table covered with netting and they are having success with table greens that would normally have bolted by now.

I think I will go look at my garden.


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2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Hey Lawana,
I got my 2 tomato plants planted...and I can see them from my kitchen window. 8-)
love ya,
P.S. Happy Gardening!