Friday, June 3, 2011

Singing in My Heart

I sing in my heart all the time. I sing all through the night. Usually the same song  all night and most often a Christian Hymn that I sang in my childhood. Last night, it was, "When we all get to heaven." The entire night there was this backdrop of music playing in my head and the first thoughts I had upon awakening were of my Father in Heaven. I consider that a big blessing. This has not always been the case. There have been times when I awakened to say, "Oh no!" Not another day like yesterday!" I am not sure why, as my days haven't gotten much easier lately, but my attitude has improved significantly. I am sure it is a gift from God and I hope it is long term..

I think singing is another way of talking to God and linking ourselves to him. I see it kind of like parachute cords. As I sing to the Lord and he listens, I can almost see a cord being sewn into the big billowy parachute that is his blessing and protection. For me it is a two way street. I sing to him. He listens...the love is "sewn" back and forth as if by an invisible hand. When I can't sing, I whistle, but I am thinking the words of praise that go with the music. It keeps me tied to his presence, keeps me seeking his face and when I am simply too tired to even chirp, I feel the breeze lift my chute just a little, just a nudge to remember that he is still there. That he is still in control of my direction and speed and that he has not let me go. Then in that moment when I am all dead weight and he is all "lift" I hear another song and he gives me breath to sing it.

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Anonymous said...

A very uplifting essay! Thank you!