Thursday, June 2, 2011

One of the Best Things That Has Ever Happened to Me

I have struggled my entire life with things that many of my friends seemed to do effortlessly. Although I could do some things well, such as make good grades in school , climb trees and train animals, I never quite got the hang of some other things. I never could figure out that it is easier to be on time in the morning if you have eveninng routines. I never did the simple things, like lay out my clothes for the next day, or untie my shoes when I took them off. When I was in school, I left my homework papers and books scattered all over so that I had to have a scavenger hunt the next morning while I was half asleep.

These habits stuck with me my entire life. My husband, Clint, who is a little like the Character "Monk" has kept himself busy following me around putting lids on things and and closing cupboard doors. Even my children came in behind me and closed things up...that is, until something miraculous happened! I turned 50. Not that I am totally retrained, but I have started hanging my clothes up when they come out of the dryer, at least part of the time. I have learned that not all shirts and blouses are pull overs, some actually can be unbottened and rebuttoned.  I now clean out my purse and my car once a week. I no longer wear makeup, but if I did, I would remove it before bed , maybe.

I have read that 50 is the new thirty. For me, fifty is more like the new 21 or the new 18. Apparently I have finally gained the frontal lobe maturity that my peers got in their young adult years. What does this mean? By age sixty will I be getting up from the table and doing the dishes right away? Stick around. I will update you in 10 years.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this self-deprecating glimpse of yourself, Lawana. I was very much the same way. Was it because we were both readers lost in other worlds? Or was it was lack of training-my mom LET me read and LET me be spacey. I too have had to learn that there are orderly sequences which when adhered to save a lot of time! ~JH