Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Soggy Morning

My friend's sheep enjoy the lush grass!
It is a beautiful morning in Western Montana, to me anyway. We have had days of rain in amounts and patterns that are very rare here. It reminds me alternately of most every day in Southeast Alaska and spring in Alabama. I am totally enjoying it except for the fact that my house is leaky in a few spots. I pray for my friends though because a number of them really thrive on sunshine. I wish I could have this misty cool weather and let my friends have the sunshine they crave.

I suppose I should swim out to the garden and see if there is anything left out there. In general, I would think this weather would be good for the germination and seedlings I have out there, but we have had some hard, pounding rain. I am unsure of what that might have done.

Our river, is climbing its banks from the combination of rain runoff and snow melt from a record year of snow in the high country. The pigs are huddling until midday. They would like some sun to bask in. My baby Guinea fowl are big enough to be turned out with the chickens, but they are prone to chill so I am still keeping them together in a small pen for warmth, though I have taken the heat light down.

Without goats, the grass has definitely gotten away from us! It is beautiful though. In this climate, we are often drying off and the native grasses are already turning brown by now. This year everything is lush and vibrantly green. As I said, I am enjoying it. My neighbor's newly planted alfalfa field is really taking hold in theses conditions as well.

I couldn't see the sun come up this morning, but it is daylight now. I think I will swim out to the garden for a bit. Enjoy your day!


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