Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just a Mix

Yesterday was farmer's market day. Today is church. I find myself comfortably sandwiched between the two events. I love my church family, as you already know. I am also coming to love my farmer's market family. There are people there that I am just getting to know and others that I know and love but never see except at the market.

Our sales were steady.We are seeing a big upswing on our Meadow Magic Salve. Already we are having repeat customers and we only introduced it in June. I am so thrilled that other people like it. It has served us well over the years, but it is nice to see it blessing others. Please pray that I can make a living being a mad scientist! Seriously, ever since my parents would let me mix up potions in empty bottles, I said potients back then, I have loved experimenting with different substances. Gathering and using herbs fulfills that same niche in my life.

Jesse's brownie bites and Grace-Marie's breakfast bars both were a big hit as was my 4 Alarm, He-man Woman Hater's fudge.It makes me happy to see my children involved in the market. They do not always want to sit and hold down the fort, but they both are enjoying the interaction with the people. Jesse wants to spend every penny he earns on someone else and he would like to do it NOW! Grace-Marie hasn't seemed to understand that she is earning money yet.

I love my little town. Yesterday Jackies, the restaurant closest to the market, had an anniversary party for the town. They had hot dogs, hamburgers and trimmings. There were lawn games and music. Everyone was there (or at least it seemed so to me) It was sweet to see several generations of various families sitting under the shade trees or playing volley ball. There were lots of little children and some old folks (like me), It was small town at its best. Thanks Mike and Jackie!

Here is the political skuttlebutt from the market.
  1. People who use petroleum products should not object to mega loads.
  2. People who use toilet paper should not whine about logging.
  3. There are too many mountain lions in our area.
  4. There are too many wolves.
  5. It is hard to garden in Western Montana.
  6. Some people ought to be flogged.
  7. It is great that in our school little children can still hug their teachers.
  8. It is good to see 3 generations of a family together at the market.
  9. We like tourism...a little bit.
  10. These are hard times.
The temperature at daylight on my porch was a muggy 60 degrees but that is dropping significantly due to a storm.

Have a great day!


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2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Everyone at my house is benefiting from the Magic Meadow...especially the man...he has to have his own...can you package it in a bigger container(maybe the Man size)...he is going to be through the 2 we have in no time!
Sounds like there are some strong opinions going on...but I am kinda use to that. ;~)
Take care,
Mommy 2