Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things You Should Know Before You are Grown

I think there are a few things most people need to know before they are grown. Of course this list will be different depending upon your life situation, but these have been helpful for me.
  1. Sleep is important.
  2. Brush your teeth.
  3. Floss.
  4. Fluffing in the dryer and ironing are not interchangable (sometimes you need the iron).
  5. Don't react too rashly, you do not know what load the other person is carrying.
  6. Choose not to swear.
  7. Consider aging, stretch marks and varicose veins before choosing a tatoo.
  8. Walk away from non grocery purchases for 24 hours. If you still think you need it and you can afford it without the credit card, buy it.
  9. Watch the sun rise several times per week.
  10. Give and accept hugs. It takes a 6 second hug to produce endorphins. (They are a good gift to give loved ones)
  11. Kiss your spouse passionately several times per day. (20 second kisses work best!)
  12. Stop and look at people when they are talking to you. Leave the book, the paper or the screen. (I need help on this one. Too much multitasking)
  13. Listen to your elders. Record their stories in your brain. You will want to tell them to your kids.
  14. Mind your own business.
  15. Keep your own secrets.
  16. Don't gossip.
  17. Be honest and honorable.
  18. Smile at strangers, especially little children and frowny people. Your smile may be the only one they see today.
  19. Tip. Tip. Tip generously!
  20. Eat deep green leafy veggies daily.
  21. Eat raw fruit daily.
  22. Drink water almost exclusively.
  23. Read something good every day. Start with the Bible.
  24. Pray rather than worry.
  25. Love someone intensely!


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