Friday, July 22, 2011

Some "Pay it Forward" Ideas

I always have to revisit paying it forward here. I suppose it is because I am so blessed by friends and even strangers blessing me for no reason. Here are some blessings I have witnessed or heard about
 in one way or another in the past two weeks.

  1. Someone shopping for someone else and loading down their vehicle with groceries.
  2. Someone slipping an envelope with cash in it in someone's purse.
  3. Buying pet food for someone.
  4. Helping another person do a complex and confusing (for them) transaction.
  5. Giving home grown produce to people.
  6. Paying the tab of the people at the next table in the restaurant.
  7. Getting the line trimmers repaired for the neighbors.
  8. Cooking a meal for someone.
  9. Sharing baked goods.
  10. Several people giving away free products or giving more than was paid for.
It is easy to become complacent. It is easy to feel entitled or ungrateful. I would like to encourage you to do two things in the next few weeks. First of all look at the areas where you have plenty. Give freely out of your abundance. Bless your friends, bless your neighbors and bless your enemies. See how many people you can bless from things that you have plenty of. Next, give out of your need. Think of an area or two where you are in need and bless someone from there.

I promise that if you look around for people who have less than you have and give to them (I am not talking about enabling addictions etc.) you will come away from the experience with a new frame of mind, with greater appreciation for the situation you are in and with more contentment. Try it. Put giving on your to do list for a while if you are not a natural giver. Be sneaky, be anonymous whenever you can, most of all, have FUN!


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