Friday, July 15, 2011

While Walking

While walking, I saw:
  1. 20 cowpies on the road
  2. 1 whitetail doe
  3. 1 large cement truck
  4. 1 squashed mouse
  5. 1 squashed rattle snake
  6. many bushes and weeds in full bloom
  7. some kind of ducks
  8. my kicking can still waiting for my knee to get better
  9. a motorhome with one side removed
I thought about:
  1. How nice it was to have my daughter in law back home.
  2. How nice it would be when my adult son comes home from fishing
  3. How peaceful it is in my neighborhood.
  4. What I could make out of Mullein, willow tips, and when I could find time to harvest more yarrow.
  5. That I miss my husband.
I learned:
  1. That there are many more cars at 6:00 than at 5:00.
  2. That it is possible to walk hard and stll need a wool sweater in mid July!
God bless you! I am making fudge, Meadow Magic Ointment and baked goods for the Farmer's Market.



Anonymous said...

I bought a nice little book to identify wildflowers today. Now I know which one is yarrow!

I enjoy your morning walk thoughts-do one weekly at least!


Lawana said...

Thanks! If you want to walk with scissors... :)

I am glad you like my walk thoughts, they are fun for me too.