Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wow! 18!

18 on the 18th!
I can't believe I have another legal adult! It seems like such a short time ago that I walked into the baby orphanage in Varna Bulgaria and met Zhivodar. His bags were packed and he was ready to go, to quote the old song. At 2 weeks shy of his 5th birthday, he was 22 inches tall, weighed 22 pounds and was 22 inches around the middle. He was cute, verbal and deathly ill. We knew that Ezra might not live to see his 6th birthday. We dedicated ourselves to helping him live and to have life more abundantly.

Our pediatrician examined Ezra a week or so after we brought him home to our trailer floating on logs in the ocean. By this time, he had gotten some good nutrition in him and was sporting a little tan. He looked considerably improved but we knew that his condition was grave. After looking at his blood work and renal ultrasound, our doctor couldn't look us in the eyes. There were tears in his as he explained just how slim Ezra's chances of reaching adulthood were. We were not shocked or surprised, but sober as we asked the Lord to help us to do whatever we were needed to do.

Thirteen years and 13 surgeries later including a renal transplant that you can read about  here, Ezra is still with us. It has been heart wrenching to see all he has had to go through, but the Lord has used it to bring blessings none of us could have foreseen. People in several states lent aid and prayer to get him this far. Doctors and nurses have been awed at his perseverance and patience during horridly painful situations. Other young people have been encouraged by seeing him continue to survive and his family has been strengthened, made more empathetic and more understanding by walking through these trials with him.

When Ezra entered our family, he was a tiny flickering flame. The trials have made him stronger and his life is burning brightly. We are thankful to the Lord for him and the opportunity to be his parents.
God bless you Ezra!



2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

God has gotten you through alot of things in your life...I know He will be faithful to see you all through anymore challenges that you might have. I am so glad to have a loving Saviour and Lord...thank you Jesus!
Mommy 2

Nannie said...

Happy birthday and welcome to the adult world with all it's ups and down. Good luck and enjoy your future,Ezra.