Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family Traditions II

                                This is a list of things we do that come from my husband's family.
  1. We put a cold cloth on our heads. It will cure anything from headaches to cancer!
  2. We get "hot stomachs" that can only be cured with ice cream.
  3. We make red gravy. Thanks Grandma!
  4. We eat mustard sandwiches for a tummy ache or indigestion.
  5. Work! Work! Work! (Okay, Grandma is a good example of this...we are still learning)
  6. We have the recipe for the world's BEST potato salad!
  7. Story telling.
  8. Trying to ignore something so it will go away. This one works also for everything from headaches to cancer , particularly if combined with #5.
  9. What moving of furniture ever happens can be blamed on the McGuffey/Canant  influence.
  10. We have a minimum daily requirement for sweets.
  11. Denial! If the car makes a weird noise, turn up the radio. If the gas gauge is low, don't look at it.
  12. The hanging out in the kitchen thing comes in on this side too.
  13. There is a constant conflict about cars. The McGuffey side loves them clean, shiny , without spot or wrinkle! 
  14. Gardening, though the gene somehow skipped Clint and went to me!
  15. Sweet tea!
  16. Hatred of pills.
  17. Three main food groups, fried potatoes, fried meat, fried veggies.
  18. The fall asleep when you sit down gene. (Possibly also associated with #5)
  19. Waddling, Only genetic descendents of the Canants do this one.
  20. The nose!


2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Yay Lawana!
Another list....
#1 is a good one.
I really,really like #2. 8~)
Laughed at #11...then thought about how we can be in denial about alot of things in our lives.
Hey...deep down I really think you do like #13. ;~)
Love ya bunches,
Mommy 2
P.S. Is that book in draft form yet?...Can't wait!

Rebekah said...

I love the nose! hehehe