Friday, September 2, 2011

Making Meadow Magic

The farmer's market has been a wonderful part of our summer here on Hosanna Ranch.I enjoy watching my little ones learning to bake. Last night Jesse really began to get the addition of fractions when we doubled his recipe! Grace-Marie has gotten proficient at measuring and mixing ingredients and the joy of it all is after this crazy summer, they still look forward to baking with me! I enjoy the time that I spend at the market too. I discovered long ago that the best way to keep our finances in check was to stay home. Over the years, this has turned me into somewhat of a homebody. That said, I have loved the social interaction at the market. The other vendors have been so kind to me and given me tips about what to do and what not to do. They have helped me in many ways and I feel honored to have been accepted into that fraternity.

I think the best thing the market has done for me is to thrust me into actual production of my Meadow Magic line. As a result of the interest of folks at the market, I got brave enough to try to share my herbal creations with a larger group of people. This has helped me figure out that I really do love making Meadow Magic. From the gathering to the steeping of herbs in oils, the ever present tinkering with textures in various temperatures to the creation of small batches of personalized products for people with skin sensitivities or a need for a particular herb in their product, I love it all. I now understand why my soap making friends' eyes glaze over and they seem to enter another realm when talking about and handling their soaps. It is all about finding what you love to do. Making herbal products is definitely a happy place for me. My children often tell me that it makes them happy to see me working with herbs as they can tell how much fun it is for me.

I am blogging at my kitchen table as the sun comes up. Around me on the table are filled jars of Meadow Magic. I am so thankful to the Lord for letting me have the recipe years ago and for the opportunity to share it with people as part of our living now. Thanks to all of you who have helped me learn how to order things,  whohave shared ingredients with me and who have been my Guinea Pigs. I am so blessed to be able to try my hand at entrepreneurship, especially with something I really love doing.

Have a great day!


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