Thursday, September 1, 2011

What I Saw and Experienced This Morning

At 5:30 this morning it was about 45 degrees on my porch. I decided to settle in for a moment and just experience my porch. Here are some things I noticed (I did have to step off the porch a bit to see some of them)
  1. The stars were out in a big way! I saw a couple of cloudy patches to the South, but for the most part, the stars were shining. I saw 2 man-made sattelites and a few airplanes. I wonder where they were going while I gazed at the morning sky.
  2. The sky was just going pink in the East. Just a tiny little pink fingernail on the horizon.
  3. My guardian dog, Dodge was still up and making a few last checks before readying for sleep in the den he has dug in the front yard.
  4. The weak spot in the front porch is now more than just weak.
  5. The trains are running and so is the the distance.
  6. My neighbors cattle are in my pasture. (I like them there.)
  7. It is perfectly still.
  8. The prayer beacon is still red. (This is actually a cell tower beacon above the house of some people I love. I use it to remind me to pray for them, and others too.)
As the sun came up, I discovered some other things.
     9.  2 perfect yellow crookneck squash.
   10.  1 tiny yellow patty pan squash (so cute I almost wanted to pick it)
   11.  This is a good time to boil bones for stock. This time the stock will have bones, the tough squash
          and kholrabi in it. I will cook it untill the bones are leached, then I will strain it. I will know I was
          successful in making nutrutious stock if it is highly gelatinous. I will make soup with some today and
          freeze the rest for cold season, to go with G-M's mullein tea bags and Meadow Magic Flannel Chest
   12.  1 ripe strawberry.
   13.  The hole in the porch is still there!
   14.   It feels warm and cozy inside my house.
   15.  My children are ready for morning snuggles. See ya!

"Count your many blessings, name them one by one. And it will surprize you what the Lord has done."

God bless you!

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2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

I did not see the world quite that early today.My look out side today was...
1. No smoke from the fire.
2. small spots still burning on the mountain.
3. 2 of my big tomatoes are almost ripe.
4. The lavender flowers that I cut off my plant have been replaced by new ones.
5. It is chilly out(I am not ready for fall)
6. My kitchen is pretty clean.
7. I love how the sun shines in my bed room & really like looking at my made bed(Thanks FlyLady)
Have a great Day!
Mommy 2