Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things I Dislike Intensely

Okay, here goes!

  1. Stink bugs anywhere, but particularly in my house! (I probably do not dislike them as badly as my daughter and daughter in law; however.)
  2. People with road rage
  3. Bumper stickers with swear words on them
  4. Anything that involves swear words in public or out loud for my children to hear or see
  5. Anything lightly buttered - in my opinion if it is worth buttering, it is worth buttering generously!
  6. Warts on otherwise loveable pets
  7. Dust!
  8. Puzzles with missing pieces
  9. Obese dogs
  10. Pushy horses
  11. Whining
  12. Really weak coffee
  13. Repeating myself ad infinitum in my home. (Imagine 5 children x 5 times each x however many sets of instruction I need to share...on a good day!) I think it is easier to issue a memo.
  14. Songs that are not in my vocal range. This really limits me as I have about a seven note range!
  15. Presbyopia
  16. Crunchy, creaky knees
  17. Mean, dark, evil movies (I do like intense adventure, just not senseless violence)
  18. Elevator music
  19. Flies!
  20. Still having bad skin at 50!
I hope your day has a lot of things you like in it!

Like this Montana Sunset!

For fun though, tell me some things you dislike. Oh, I forgot! I am not big on raisins either.
Lighten up today and enjoy yourself and those around you.


2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

You asked...here is my list:
1) If my house is dirty and unorganized...hate dust!
2) Pepper & most spices
3) People that know everything
4) Scary movies or books
5) People being mistreated (unkindness)
6) Cigarette smell
7) Bad hair days(ha,ha)
8) My personal stuff being moved
9) Bad smells
10) Dreary days
11) People that don't keep their
12) Of me not being "handy" around the house.
13) That I am a slow thinker.
Mommy 2

Rebekah said...

WAR!!! On the stink bugs!

Lawana said...

2 moms #5, #8 and #9 are peeves of mine too. I will take your spices!

Lawana said...

Nannie, you can send me your cilantro. I think I am addicted to it! I can live without toxic people too.