Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Year Without Goats

Goats from my past

I have lived almost a year without goats. It was nice this winter to sit in front of my cozy fire and not worry about feeding, haying or watering them. It has been nice sometimes not to have to keep my goats fenced out of my yard and off of everyone's vehicles. I honestly haven't missed being up all night with a doe in labor or any of the other sleep interferences that come with goats.

I also have not been able to milk, have milk, make cheese, make good kefir and yogurt or receive the goatie snuggles and kisses that go along with milking time. I have not had the thrill of seeing my entire flock of goats come streaming off the mountain above our house when I called "Goaties!" There are no kids to dry and settle in. No sets of twins and triplets bounding around the place in caprine joy. There isn't the pride of ownership and the happiness that comes with seeing the goats prosper and shine with good health.

I am so thankful for my goat friends who share their babies with me in person and on facebook. I am thrilled to see new kids regardless of whether they are mine or not. I look forward to some day rejoining the ranks of dairying families, whether with goats again or perhaps with a cow. For now, though, I will enjoy the herds of  friends and the memories I have .

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